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This Must Be The Place Neon Sign

This Must Be The Place Neon Sign

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This Must Be The Place Neon Sign Bar, Bedroom Decor, LED Neon Light Sign, Party Decor, Home Room Neon Wall Art Decoration High Quality Custom Made Neon Lights a perfect decoration for your Living Room, Bed Room, Kids Room, Office, Shop and more
- Long lasting
- Inspiring and Unique
- Bright colors
-compatible with remote control dimmer This Must Be The Place Neon Sign Bar Bedroom LED Lyrics neon Lights Party Decor Custom Neon Sign For Home, Room Or Store Decoration
This is a perfect sign that can be placed in your bar, studio, restaurant or any party.
Let's make your venue more Stunning with elaborate handicrafts.

Neon Sign Text :This Must Be The Place
Size Option (Avg. Width): 20in/24in/28in/32in
Light bar color: Pink
Base plate material: Transparent Acrylic
Installation method : Hanging & Mount
Style: Rectangle Shape

This is flex LED neon sign, flexible silicon tubes with LED lights inside tubes look like vintage glass neon sign. Flex LED neon sign is safe, non-frangible. It's better choice for large text and logo. neon sign is frangible, but is more flexible and better bending for small text logo. If you are looking for neon sing, please visit our store or contact us.

This flex led neon sign is install on clear acrylic sheet. It's hand crafted artist. You could custom for any bigger size, any color.

Color available : Orange, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White, Pink, Purple . Please check our color card for effect.

This flex LED custom neon sign could be installed on all or hanging. It comes with hanging chain and hole in backing.
You could customize any text, logo, colors and sizes as you wished. The neon sign will be a amazing decoration in your room, bar, shop or wedding etc.
Contact us before you order!

Package include
1 x Neon Sign
1 x 110-240 Volt Transformers
1 x Hanging chains and nails
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