Collection: Wall Shelf

Want to revamp the dreary decor of your home? Or do you want storage solutions that are just as good looking as useful? Acrylic Sheets India provides you with the perfect addition! Available in a number of shapes, colours and materials, all of our wall shelves give a floating feel wherever they are placed. Leaving your guests awestruck at such beauty, they can help you display your prized possessions or can simply help you keep your dressing table clutter-free. You can use them to organize your nail paints, essential oil bottles, nail paint removers etc.

  • Makes Organizing Easy
  • Durable, Long-Lasting Design 
  • Modern, Aesthetically Pleasing Look 
  • Available In A Variety Of Shapes, Colours and Materials 
  • Easy-To-Install & Anti-Clutter
  • Can Be Specially Customized!

You can easily access all your essential oil bottles, nail polish jars, records, books and more! Our wall shelf isn't just accessible, it's affordable too! You can add them to your living room walls or use them for personal use or you can use them in your shops or display them at the comfort of your home! This absolute essential combines a simple wall shelf design with the quality of the best materials. Improve your home decor with our sturdy and reliable wall shelves and get a discount on first purchase!