Collection: Wooden Name Plate

A wooden name plate is not just a piece of pretty property with your name on it. It proclaims your presence, your achievements, your identity and more! Acrylic Sheets India provides you with immensely durable wooden name plates that can be customized according to your needs!

  • Can Be Specially Customized
  • Durable and Smooth, Matte Finish
  • Available In Various Designs 
  • Sturdy, Easy-To-Use & Easy-To-Maintain
  • Best Quality Materials & Beautiful Designs

Made from the best quality materials, our wooden name plates come with a pair of mirror screws that make it quite easy to install. Affix it outside your house, on the main gate, near your house door or bedroom wall, and enjoy the beauty! Coated with polyurethane to make it more resistant to water & wear and tear, our wooden name plates only require regular dusting. Acrylic Sheets India's wooden name plates are designed especially to reflect your values, your personality and your ideals to anyone entering your home. It's a slice of your home for your guests to enjoy, before they have entered your place. From even-grained and durable Lipan Kaam to geometrically satisfying Chaukat, from magnificent mandalas to enchanting Madhubani stencils, our wooden name plates are available at affordable prices and are open for personalization too! A wooden name plate for your door can turn your home decor around! Add it to your cart to truly turn your house into your home!

Wooden Name Plate