Collection: Picture Frames

Being hit by Nostalgia is a bittersweet experience and the memories it brings stays with us forever. To help you preserve your fondest memories and cherish those moments, Acrylic Sheets India provides you the most durable picture frames. After all, your picture frames are meant to last forever as your memories! Bid goodbye to old-fashioned and heavy picture frames. Now your photo frames can be:

  • Lightweight and Easy-to-mount
  • Easy-To-Carry & Stylish Looking!
  • Available In Different Sizes & Styles
  • Super Clear Double Panel Acrylic Material
  • Durable and UV-resistant
  • Anti-Scratch & Shatter-Resistant

They are made to display an 8.5x14 inch picture, are durable and a customizable picture frame is perfect for the wall of the family room. Made of Class A casting acrylic panel, all our picture frames are UV-resistant and protect your photographs of all beautiful memories from the long-term effects of harsh sunlight and fluorescent lights. Extremely easy to assemble, our picture frames arrive packed with hanging templates to facilitate precision placement and easy installation.

Now, you can easily cherish your favorite photographs, hard-earned degrees, certificates and artwork suitable for both office and home walls! To ensure complete protection and save pictures from scratches, each panel of the frame is protected by two thick protective films. The premium acrylic picture frames of Acrylic Sheet India are durable, modern, shatter-resistant, safe to use and beautiful! It makes them a perfect gift option for weddings, engagements and other occasions for your loved ones. So, just flaunt your memorable moments and hang these beautiful picture frames up on your restaurant wall or gift it to your favorite person!

Picture Frames