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Mayuri (Sanjhi Art) - Wooden Name Plate

Mayuri (Sanjhi Art) - Wooden Name Plate

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The art of stenciling as a way of expressing love to Lord Krishna is, in a nutshell, Sanjhi art. This art form is the inspiration behind Mayuri - a wooden name plate from our Dastkar collection.

The motif in this name plate depicts India’s national bird, whose feather Lord Krishna is inalienably linked to. It’s elegant, eye-catching, and storied. We invite you to make it a part of your welcome.

All our wooden name-plates are coated with polyurethane - making it more resistant to water and other atmospheric agents. Needless to say, it makes for a meaningful and durable housewarming party gift.

Apart from regular dusting, no other maintenance is required.

Material: Wood

Size: Available in multiple sizes.

Weatherproof: Yes

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