Baghban (Lippan) - Stainless Steel Name Plate
Baghban (Lippan) - Stainless Steel Name Plate

Baghban (Lippan) - Stainless Steel Name Plate

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As you make your way through the vast stretches of the Indian side of the world’s greatest salt desert (the Great Rann of Kutch), you will come across the odd bhunga (mud house) with walls beautifully-decorated in mostly circular mirror-work. This is Lipan Kaam. Acylicsheetsindia now gives you the opportunity to make this earthy and gorgeous art form a part of your home with a range of welcomes adorned with this art from the heart of Kutch.

Take, for instance, the Baghban, a blossoming and complementary articulation of Lipan Kaam on nameplates in durable and gleaming stainless steel.

All Stainless Steel Name Plates come with necessary screws and fittings; and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Apart from an occasional wipe, no other maintenance is required.

Material: Stainless Steel

Size: 14 inch × 7 inch

Weatherproof: Yes

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