Anandpath (Madhubani) - Stainless Steel Name Plate

Anandpath (Madhubani) - Stainless Steel Name Plate

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A form of painting done with fingers, twigs, brushes, nib-pens, and matchsticks, Madhubani or Mithila painting is practiced in the Mithila region of India and Nepal. It is characterized by mesmeric geometrical patterns and earthy motifs.

The Anandpath from our Dastkar collection is a joyous and inviting invocation of this ancient art transposed to elegant nameplates made out of durable Stainless Steel. It’s an attentive and immersive representation of ethnic chic for external decor. Make it a part of your welcome.

All Stainless Steel Name Plates come with necessary screws and fittings; and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Apart from an occasional wipe, no other maintenance is required.

Material: Stainless Steel

Size: 14 inch × 7 inch

Weatherproof: Yes

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