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Acrylic Basketball Display Case

Acrylic Basketball Display Case

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This premium Acrylic Basketball Display Case is designed to keep your memorabilia in mint condition. Perfect for keeping your basketball signed by your favorite player safe, the acrylic construction and enclosed design preserves the contents and secures them against dust and dirt. Give your treasured sports collectible the protection it deserves.

Have a signed basketball? Have a team ball from your recent championship run? Display it proudly and prominently using our Acrylic Basketball Display Case. A clear acrylic cover fits onto a black acrylic base measuring 11" x 11" with a 1/8" raised step. The acrylic cover measures 10" wide and deep, and 11 7/8" high. This box fits standard sized, fully inflated basketballs or smaller. A clear round acrylic ring is provided that measures 4" in diameter and 1" high. This ring can be used to center the basketball and keep it in place. 
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