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4' Wide Lighted Wood Laminate Left Sliding Door Display Case

4' Wide Lighted Wood Laminate Left Sliding Door Display Case

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This 4' wide lighted wood laminate display case features a left sliding door for easy access to its spacious interior. The case is lighted from above, allowing your items to be seen from any angle. Ideal for retail and commercial displays.

Quite an engineering feat, the presentation of an elegant sliding glass door, all hardware and framing artfully obscured is stunning. You’ll want this exquisitely minimalist, modern and elegant wood laminate floor standing display case providing beautiful and sturdy storage. Fixed-position glass shelves are among the hallmarks of this visually arresting wood and glass trophy case, which support a steel subframe for structural integrity. Edge-to-edge glass, unencumbered by framing or other distractions, this case is simply unlike anything you’ll see anywhere else. 270 degrees of continuous viewing allows trophies, awards, or collectibles to be the star. All you see are artistic flourishes along with the items you proudly display. The case and its contents are bathed in premium recessed LED light, and available in multiple wood finishes.

Because each of these cases is made to order by American craftsmen, please allow 4 weeks from date of order to date of shipping.

  • Case Dimensions: 24"W x48"H x12"D
  • Cantilevered glass shelves
  • Hidden hardware
  • Shelves each measure 48"W x9" D and support up to 25 lbs. spread evenly
  • Elegantly designed sliding Acrylic door slides into place from the left
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