Collection: String Art

A house with bare walls is not a home. Your home should be inviting, warm, and bright. It should reflect your energy and make you feel at ease. Our string art collection will liven and brighten up your room every single day! This decor is an excellent addition to your home. You can use it in your own room or gift it to your near and dear ones! Our wall decor pieces are all handcrafted with love and inspiration to turn your house into a home! 

  • Available in different designs 
  • Long-lasting and affordable 
  • Perfect gift for your loved ones! 
  • Beautiful string art patterns 

Acrylic Sheets India's string art collection provides you with a chance to decorate the walls of your home with lasting art. The next time your guests come over, we assure you they won't stop raving about the type and kind of art you hang on your walls! What else are you waiting for? Shop our string art today!